Rebel Wilson


It took Rebel 8 years to lose weight: a long journey began back in 2013. Since then, the star has either lost weight or gained more than what was lost, but for a year now it has been keeping in shape. Honestly, we did not immediately believe that it was she in the photo in the swimsuit!

Bronson Pinshaw


The star from "Ideal Strangers" and "Langoliers" grew very fat over the years, but 5 years ago he pulled himself together and ... it seems that he lost not only 64 kilograms, but also ten years.



“I don’t understand why everyone tells me that I need to lose weight, I’m fat, and it suits me,” the singer said in 2008. However, apparently, the struggle with weight was serious. At least in the latest photos, the singer looks just amazing.


In 2017, at the Grammy Awards, singer Adele gave a speech to her agent. “We've been together for ten years,” Adele said. - And I love you like a father. I don't love my real father, that's the point. So I love you the way I could love my father. " Thus, the whole world became aware of the singer's relationship with her parent, or rather, the absence of this relationship. Why the relationship between father and daughter did not work out is unknown, the singer avoids all questions from journalists about this.

Kelly Osbourne


In 2009, Kelly was plump, by 2012 she lost weight and began to wear tight-fitting things and was clearly proud of her figure, then she again “chose oversized” ... But from 2020 the picture remains unchanged: Kelly is a reed!

Simon Cowell


America's got talent's most famous presenter began the battle for a figure when (by his admission) "no longer fit in the jury's chair." In 2017, he became a vegetarian, lost 15 kilograms and ... decided not to stop there. Now Simon is a vegan, he plays sports for at least an hour and a half every day, and his press can only be envied. Titanic work.

Marissa Jaret Vinokur


The American Broadway star, Tony Award winner and one of the most sought-after theater actresses in the United States has been very full all her life, and this did not bother her at all, but in 2012, doctors advised Marissa to lose weight. Since she had problems with joints, which jeopardized the career of an artist. 8 years of hard work, diet and fitness could not fail to lead to victory!

Ariel Winter


After filming Batman, the young actress recovered greatly. After taking a break from her career, she devoted herself to home, gave birth to two children, fell into postpartum depression and took antidepressants, "because of which I constantly chewed something." Depression was defeated, and Ariel took up her appearance. As you can see, with great success!

Shonda Rhimes


The author of the best TV series in the world, Shonda has never worried about her weight. But one fine (no) day, she could not fly away on vacation. Because even at its maximum length, it did not have a seat belt fastened in an airplane seat. With her usual energy, Shonda took over, and ... you see. Just wow!

Sara Ryu


The star of the TV series "Bones" has come the longest way to a dream figure: according to her, she has been losing weight with varying success since 2001! In 2016, she finally managed to gain a foothold in the desired weight, and for 5 years now Sarah has not lost ground. Bravo!