You've probably come across the same tips on how to take care of yourself more than once: get enough sleep, eat right, don't forget about physical activity, and more often say "no" to things that you don't really need. All of them are very effective, but let's add new, in some cases very unexpected, recommendations to the list.

7 investments in yourself that will change your life

1. Pay attention to your legs and lungs

The older we get, the more our body needs care and attention. This is especially true of the lungs, which saturate our blood with oxygen, and the legs - thanks to them we move. Care in this case is the most obvious - smoking cessation, proper breathing and regular exercise.

2. Communicate with those who disagree with you

This is not about sharing your thoughts and the results of your work with "haters" and getting involved in arguments with them. Your task is to expand your own horizon, to listen to points of view different from yours. We are surrounded by people whose "optics" are different from ours, and the best way to learn to understand others and cultivate a tolerance for everything else is to listen.

3. Absorb information outside of your main area of ​​interest.

Doing your job brilliantly and being savvy in your field is great. But it is equally important to have a variety of interests, as well as be able to apply approaches and ideas from other areas in the work. It's about expanding horizons and consciousness. Bonus - you will always be an interesting conversationalist at parties.

4. Do things that you are not usually attracted to.

Do you like nonfiction? Read a historical novel. Are you fond of doing crossword puzzles? Try Sudoku. Do you consider yourself an absolutely uncreative person? Sign up for a master class at an art studio. The idea that all the fun begins outside of your comfort zone is well-worn, but no less true.

5. Look at yourself in the mirror more often.

But at this moment, do not criticize yourself, do not look for "flaws", do not spin in new clothes, but try to understand whether your appearance reflects who you are and what you want to tell the world. Ask yourself: What else can I do to make myself look real?

6. Rest without feelings of anxiety or guilt.

Most feel the need to constantly be on the move, to achieve something and achieve. It is psychologically difficult for us to slow down and rest - we immediately begin to feel guilty for wasting precious time. This approach is not only wrong, but also dangerous: the body and psyche simply need proper rest and reboot.

7. Laugh more, love more

Appreciate the beauty of every moment, seek pleasure in simple things. Invest in friendships, in relationships with those around you. Learn to see the good in others. Share. Try to leave behind the world a little better than it was before you.