Positioning yourself on the right side means laying down certain impressions about yourself, one might even say associations that people will have in relation to your personality. Competent positioning implies, first of all, determining the strategy of one's own behavior, with the expectation of obtaining the necessary return from society. Authority in society is earned in this way, when, thanks to a well-chosen position, a person creates impressions about himself that, on the one hand, are liked and, on the other hand, respected by people. I think the difference is clear to you, in the first case a person simply meets the interests of society, this is what people love, and in the second they are simply afraid of you, this is how a feeling of respect appears. Things like character, stability in behavior, the ability to keep one's word and the like, inherent in people who deserve respect, originateprecisely from the above two positions, because all relationships between people are based on others' and their own interests. The ability to defend their interests always and everywhere is not an easy task, well, it means for those whose character is not sufficiently tempered, and therefore they choose the option of maximum compliance with public interests, which also brings very good results.

An example of this is the elementary definition of the right person, the correctness of which is determined by other people according to his maximum correspondence, first of all, to their interests. There is nothing else here, everything is actually quite elementary, you cannot be very bad, but respected, that is, a person who knows how to defend your interests, be correct and good, that is, meeting the interests of others. From this, a competent positioning of oneself as a person should be built, and if you set yourself such a task, then you will not have problems with adaptation, it’s not for me to tell you that a person cannot live on his own. To abstract from society is not a feasible task in the full sense of the word, since your very nature will resist this and you will still be drawn to people. So isn't it better to immediately have a strategy for your competent positioning in life and work in thisdirection. One way or another, you still have to form a certain impression about yourself, so to speak, present yourself to society in a certain way, and I recommend you to define this image based on your individual psychological data.

If by nature you are a weak person and rather soft, then do not play a game that is beyond your strength, you do not need to pretend to be a tyrant and a fighter, ready to fight with your enemies anytime, anywhere. Be realistic, choose a softer and more flexible position in which your energy balance and psychological state will be adequate to this position. Of course, you can always improve your psyche and seriously change it, change your role, so to speak, but believe my experience, it is not easy to do this, it may be enough for you for a short period of time, but maintain a high level of energy for a long time. Namely, energy contributes to a strong character and a tough life position, it will be very difficult for you, almost impossible. I do not presume to generalize this position, but often people remain the way they were all their life, in terms of character, but at the same time, you can very muchuse it correctly and position yourself in this way. To still get a high enough return from society. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to be what is called a person who just comes and takes what is his, if you are more cunning and flexible in thinking, people themselves will give you everything you need.

Of course, each position has its own pros and cons. If you play the role of a strong person who deserves respect because they are afraid of you, then God forbid you to become weak, in which case you will immediately be torn to pieces. The thing is that fear and respect often give rise to hatred, for feeling weak in comparison with someone else is a difficult test for our psyche. Only now weakness is a relative and situational form of personality manifestation, since surrendered positions can always be played back with surplus. Well, if you are among those who are determined by society as correct and good, then they will not forgive you for mistakes, they will not forgive your mistakes, and in some cases they will try to get much more from you than you give. What kind of people do other people like? Of course, these are people who please them, do not encroach on their interests and are most useful to them, this is what we call the right person. What thenpositioning is the most advantageous, you ask me, if you focus primarily on a modern, kind of civilized society, the one in which you and I live? Tyranny will not work for you, even if you have a lot of energy for it. Excessive softness is definitely the same, but duplicity is more than, it’s something we mostly observe.

Of course, you should certainly observe your own interests, but position yourself as a person who fights and protects public interests. Discipline, decency, honesty and all that, in general, like playing by the rules, with their possible violation, but not obvious, I would recommend such a position, and life shows that this is how those who use public support behave. This is the same society that exploits. Remember that proper positioning implies, first of all, the maximum return from society, which you can get only if you are accepted by society, unless of course you are strong enough to unconditionally subordinate it to yourself. Are you strong enough to subjugate everyone and everything? If not, then do not be obvious in your intentions, look at how the position of people standing at the helm is built, after all, they are not for themselves, but forsocieties try, try so hard. That sometimes a labor corn only through a mirror allows you to enjoy your dignity.

So position yourself more from the altruistic side, be correct and good, but only in the minds of people, because in fact, in one way or another, you will have to intersect your interests with others. And under no circumstances should your interests suffer, you can give up, but not give up and do not accept defeat. With your obvious weakness in front of other people, position yourself as an adequate and not aggressive person who will not try to jump over his head and, in principle, does not pose a threat to others. It may be the position of a sheep from an objective point of view, but only you can know whether a wolf is hiding behind this sheep's clothing or not. It's good when you have the strength to win always and everywhere, taking everything you want and when you want, but it's even better when everyone helps you in this and does not fight against you, therefore, friends, positioning yourself asa person pursuing the public interest. A very profitable and technically competent strategy, thanks to which society can and will serve your interests, if, of course, you follow my advice.

Competent positioning