Hairstyle, makeup and women's tricks.

The art of pleasing a man has been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times, when women had good reasons for this - survival and adaptation to a harsh life. Times and customs changed, women's tricks became more complicated, but the attitude remained unchanged: in order to get what you wanted from a man - a mammoth skin or a mink coat - you had to please him.

How to please a guy

For centuries, the best female minds of mankind have perfected techniques and tricks that help to please the chosen one, and have brought their skill to the level of real art. How to please a guy?

Everything should be fine in a girl ...

The paraphrased statement of the classic about the need for harmony of external and internal beauty perfectly reflects the basic postulate of an experienced seductress: observe harmony in all appearance! A bright face cannot be combined with casual wear. And it is impossible to lead an active lifestyle with an evening hairstyle on your head. How to achieve success with guys, harmoniously combining the beauty of the face and clothes, soul and thoughts, not ignoring the manicure and hairstyle, as well as many other small but important details?

The guy will definitely pay attention to your face

Don't trust a guy who says there's nothing more beautiful than a natural, unpainted face. He simply does not see the difference between the absence of makeup and skillfully emphasizing the features that are beneficial to you with the help of cosmetics.

Evidence of this is the beautiful eyes of Raphael's Madonnas and the bright lips of Renoir's women, the ruddy cheeks of Kustodiev's beauties and the refined features of Kramskoy's strangers.

Regardless of the situation, there should be only one bright accent on the face! Try to imagine Gioconda with scarlet lips, densely toned skin and thickly lined eyes - the magical aura of an unearthly beauty will immediately disappear, only a bright, soulless mask will remain.

What hairstyle to do to please a guy?

Hair should be pleasant to the touch, attractive to look at and long enough so that the guy, running his hand through it, has time to formulate the thought for himself: he really liked you. The most attractive hairstyle for guys is long hair flowing in waves. and it doesn't matter what color they are. And one more little secret about hairstyles: long hair, collected and styled in an elegant hairstyle, automatically elevates you to the rank of a queen, whom men unworthy of her will not dare to turn to. This sharply narrows the circle of guys who might like you, but only the chosen ones and the most worthy of you will remain in it.

Clothing that a guy will definitely like you in

The main task of clothing is to favorably emphasize the undoubted advantages of your figure and carefully correct its individual flaws. For example, who does not know the brilliant Madame Pompadour, who managed to turn her small stature into dignity and gave us stilettos?

Do I need to remind you that any guy at all times liked to conquer someone? So give him that opportunity. To do this, it is not necessary to remove grandmother's crinoline from the old chest. To please a guy, it is enough to wear stylish, original clothes that give scope to the male imagination. Agree, if a significant part of the body is naked and accessible to the eye - what is there to conquer?

How to behave in order to please a guy?

Do you remember the phrase that the strength of a woman is in her weakness. But this does not mean that you need to make him carry your purse or faint at the sight of a mouse, it is better to give him the right to make decisions and protect you from life's adversities.

Learn to listen to the guy with sincere attention, asking clarifying questions and answering each of his remarks with two of your own on the same topic. This will make him really like you, because you can talk with you on any topic.

Girlish tricks will help a guy like

A guy's fleeting attention is easy to keep with the help of simple cosmetic and behavioral tricks. But to please him for real - so that he can no longer think about anything other than meeting you - the task is more difficult. There must be some kind of mystery in a woman ... It is the understatement, the unsolved mystery, that attracts the guy to the girl more than other tricks, forcing him to make new dates and perform feats for her. What is worth, for example, the famous portrait of Mona Lisa, for hundreds of years making us wonder how she managed to please a guy named Leonardo so much and what secret does her gentle look and subtle smile hide?