sea ​​grapes

Chemical composition, calorie content, benefits and harms of sea grapes. Contraindications to the use of algae. Recipe for making umi budo in Korean.

Fri Jan 14 2022



Using mash for distilling moonshine. Varieties of alcoholic beverage. Recipes for making classic homemade mash. Danger to the body.

Tue Dec 28 2021



Types, brands and production of bourbon. Differences between a drink and whiskey. Chemical composition and medicinal properties. Application in folk medicine: recipes for tinctures.

Tue Dec 28 2021


Description of Brit Small Breed Dog Food

The article deals with Brit dog food for small breeds, also for puppies and older dogs, a detailed analysis of the composition of dry food, the pros and cons of products, and reviews from pet owners.

Tue Mar 22 2022


How to make your waist thin: a set of exercises

Most women, after giving birth, have to say goodbye to the waist. You don't have to find time to exercise in your schedule to get your figure back into an hourglass shape.

Wed Jun 30 2021


DIY flower stands

How to make flower stands with your own hands. What materials to use.

Wed Jun 09 2021