One of the lecturers of the Perm State University (PSNIU) continued to teach during the mass execution within the walls of the university. It is reported by the portal 59RU

At the time of the attack, Oleg Syromyatnikov, professor of the Department of Russian Language and Stylistics, was giving a course on the history of Russian literature. The mother of one of the students ran into the auditorium, but he expressed dissatisfaction with the interruption. When they began to read messages about what was happening in the university, he responded with the phrase “So what? If you don’t want to study, don’t study, I cannot force you, ”Syromyatnikov said to the students. He added that “it would be cool” if someone entered the classroom with a gun and forced the students to study.

Classes were interrupted only when the riot police began to evacuate. According to the students, the security forces "were shocked" by what they saw. Later, the lecturer explained that he was acting on the instructions of the dean. “I remained calm and continued my lecture. Would it be better if there was panic in the audience? ”He noted.

Syromyatnikov is also a teacher at the Perm Theological Seminary.

The shooting at Perm State University took place on the morning of Monday, September 20. Earlier there was information about eight victims. The Ministry of Health noted that 24 victims are provided with medical assistance, of which 19 people are hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

Later, an eyewitness to the tragedy, who was also injured, said that Timur Bekmansurov, who arranged the mass execution, "just walked and fired." According to the victim, the student, entering the building, did not say anything. He also noticed that the killer was firing indirectly, since, despite the crowd, most of the bullets flew past.