How to make a relaxing bath foam: 5 easy recipes

A hot bubble bath relaxes and relieves stress, helps restore peace of mind and energizes. Its only drawback is the unknown composition of industrial products. But get ready...

Thu Mar 31 2022


5 tips for pairing jeans and a sweater

How to pair a sweater and jeans to take your style to the next level? We give 5 useful tips for every day!

Thu Jul 22 2021


Alexey German Jr. presented the film "Delo" at the Cannes Film Festival

Russian director Alexei German Jr. presented the film "Delo" at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. On Friday, July 9, the correspondent of "" reports.

Sat Jul 17 2021


Removing hair with a thread on the face. Training, thread twisting technique

What is the essence of the thread hair removal method, advantages and disadvantages, preparation of facial skin for the procedure, hair removal technique, skin care after the procedure, skin anesthesia, is it possible to get rid of ...

Thu Apr 21 2022