How to make a relaxing bath foam: 5 easy recipes

A hot bubble bath relaxes and relieves stress, helps restore peace of mind and energizes. Its only drawback is the unknown composition of industrial products. But get ready...

Thu Mar 31 2022


Determining the shape of the face at home

How to determine the shape of the face - what types are there and what it means, how to measure and find out your type at home. Why is this knowledge necessary and how to apply it?

Thu Aug 05 2021



General characteristics of the direction of the neuropathologist. Diseases he works with: headaches, injuries, stroke. In what cases you need to see a doctor and disease prevention.

Thu May 12 2022


Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the armpits: causes and treatment

Together with a specialist, we deal with the disease.

Tue Jun 15 2021