"Gorbachev is a dragonfly, and Yeltsin is an obvious badger"

“The fact is that in Leningrad in 1963, on the basis of a small home club, an experimental laboratory was created, where several young chemists invented an absolutely incredible drug. A drug that, by means of two or three injections (special injections, completely specially programmed), makes a person similar to the person whose structure is embedded in the given liquid that makes the injection. This device was urgently classified, but was used several times, ”musician Sergei Kuryokhin told journalist Sergei Sholokhov in an interview recorded in 1990 in Leningrad.


He insisted that secret injections were used in the Soviet Union. “Some data gives me [the right] to assume that, in general, this drug is alive and used, and quite often. So I cannot refute. I don't want to say anything, I didn't mean anything. But the fact that in principle it is possible is yes, "Kuryokhin continued and added that the real members of the government died long ago, and then were replaced by clones made with the help of a secret drug.

In a conversation with Sholokhov, Kuryokhin also said that "Gorbachev is a dragonfly, and Yeltsin is an obvious badger," and said that he personally invented the KGB on a direct assignment from American intelligence. “My dream is to become a people's deputy. Why can a KGB general become a people's deputy, but an American intelligence officer cannot? You see, this is an infringement of human rights in the Soviet Union. If we have embarked on the path of true democracy, then democracy must be observed in everything. And if indeed the KGB general is now a representative of the people, then I also want to be. I am an American spy, I want to be a representative of the people, ”demanded Kuryokhin.

Most modern politicians are hard idiots