Dawn is not far off: a new collection from Gosha Rubchinsky

The fashion world has long been waiting for the next step from Gosha Rubchinsky after in April he announced the closure of his own brand and the creation of a skate boutique. This step was the new collection of the Rassvet brand, which Rubchinsky opened in 2016 together with Tolya Titayev.

Gosha Rubchinsky

Recently, the brand presented an advertising campaign featuring young Moscow skaters. The new collection is replete with bright colors, it includes oversized sweatshirts in green, yellow and red colors, the same T-shirts and long sleeves. The prints, as always in the designer's collections, speak. Some of the inscriptions refer us to a new step in the work of Gosha Rubchinsky - "Rassvet ne za gorami" and "It will be different ...", others remind us of the imminent opening of a multi-brand skate shop and suggest its name - "October".

Gosha Rubchinsky

The shooting took place in Moscow and combined the atmosphere of a modern city and famous architectural monuments (Stalin's skyscrapers, book houses on Novy Arbat).

Gosha Rubchinsky

The release of the collection will take place on the opening day of the store, July 28. Rubchinsky is confident that Oktyabr will become not just a place for shopping, but also an art space where like-minded people will gather.

Things to know (Q&A)

What do Gosha shirts say?

Fall/Winter 2016

For his latest collection, Gosha looked back at Russia's nascent punk and skinhead scene, and juxtaposed its imposing, uncompromising looks against the message "СПАСИ И СОХРАНИ" - meaning "save and protect."

What happened Gosha?

The " Gosha Rubchinskiy brand as you've known it" is gone, the designer says. ... Rubchinskiy's Instagram statement says he'll stop doing “seasonal collections,” and only offers up, “Something new is coming.” Rubchinskiy's statement seems a bleak one—a popular brand with plenty of fans is taking a step back.

Is Gosha Cancelled?

As streetwear continues to dominate the fashion industry, Gosha Rubchinskiy is already pivoting to something else. On Wednesday morning, the Russian designer announced on Instagram that he will stop his namesake brand "as you've known it," specifically seasonal collections, with plans for a brand new project.

Is Paccbet a Gosha?

Gosha Rubchinskiy's Rassvet ( PACCBET ) Is Available Now.

Is Gosha a nonce?

😌 on Twitter: " Gosha Rubchinskiy is definitely a nonce ."

Where is Gosha made?

Founded in 2008 by the designer of the same name, Gosha Rubchinskiy is a men's fashion label based in Moscow, Russia.

What does Paccbet mean in Russian?

Paccbet — “rassvyet” — means “dawn” or “sunrise” in Russian , and it's been used in Gosha's collections since the very beginning.

Where is Gosha Rubchinskiy made?

Founded in 2008 by the designer of the same name, Gosha Rubchinskiy is a men's fashion label based in Moscow, Russia.