How to draw anime: 7 easy ways (step by step)

Multifaceted Japanese animation is admired by children and adults of all ages. It will take at least a few hours to sort through all the genres and varieties. It is not surprising that many dream of mastering this style on their own. Do you recognize yourself? Then catch 7 great master classes on how to draw anime step by step!

1. Drawing an anime head

To draw a beautiful anime character, you must first learn how to build a head and master the basic proportions.

You will need: Paper, pencil, eraser.

How to draw: An anime head always starts with a circle and an axis of the face which determines the angle of rotation. After that, line up the cheekbones and chin, keeping the main points and proportions. Outline the outlines of the eyes with arcs, and at the very end draw the ears, nose and mouth.

2. Anime body drawing

When everything is already clear with the head, you need to figure out in the same way how to draw a human torso in anime style!

You will need: Paper, pencil, eraser.

How to draw: Mark a vertical from the head - this will be the axis for building the body. To make it more convenient to draw outlines, mark the figure in circles - chest, waist and hips. The main thing is not to draw the arms and legs like straight columns, because in fact they are also curved.

3. How to draw an anime face

The construction and outlines of male and female faces in anime are traditionally different. Look!

You will need: Paper, pencil, eraser.

How to draw: To make the face neat, mark all the main points with lines - eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips. When drawing hair, look at how and in what direction it grows in real life. Female characters tend to have more rounded features and larger eyes.

4. Draw different facial expressions in anime

You will need: Paper, pencil, eraser.

How to draw: As in the case of the head, construction is always used here from different geometric shapes. Practice drawing all the elements separately - and each time it will get better and better! After that, you can combine different techniques to create your own facial expressions.

5. How to draw in different anime styles

A very useful practice is to draw the same favorite character in different anime techniques and styles.

You will need: Paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencils or markers.

How to draw: Draw a sheet into several squares and draw each drawing in turn. As a hint, keep different examples of images in front of your eyes. The main task is to keep both the character and the style recognizable.

6. How to draw an anime girl

This master class seems complicated, but it is so detailed that you will definitely succeed!

You will need: Paper, simple pencils of different hardness, white gel pen, eraser.

How to draw: First draw the head with the face following the same principles as above. Outline the hair with the main lines, and in the same way outline the outlines of the body. Finish the details, highlights and shadows, and you can gradually move on to painting and shading from dark spots to light ones.

7. How to draw an anime guy

Experiment with facial expressions, eye shapes, hairstyles, clothes and other details to create new characters.

You will need: Paper, pencil, eraser.

How to draw: Traditionally, start with building the head and drawing the eyes, because they are the most difficult for many. When you draw a hairstyle, pay attention to the hairline. At the very end, mark and blend the highlights with the shadows.

Things to know (Q&A)

How do you draw anime for beginners?

5 Simple Steps to Drawing Anime

  1. Step 1: Create the Basic Structure of the Face. First, you will create the general composition of the character's face. ...
  2. Step 2: Add Facial Features. ...
  3. Step 3: Draw the Hair. ...
  4. Step 4: Add the Body. ...
  5. Step 5: Add Details and Ink the Drawing.

How do you draw anime step by step?

Learn how to draw anime characters in this step-by-step guide.

  1. Step 1: Draw the Head.
  2. Step 3: Draw Anime Mouth.
  3. Step 4: Add the Final Touches.
  4. Step 1: Outline the Face.
  5. Step 2: Add the Facial Features.
  6. Step 3: Finish With the Hair.
  7. Step 1: Draw the Face and Neck.
  8. Step 2: Add the Eyes, Nose, and Mouth.

How do you start drawing anime?

Beginner Guide to Drawing Anime & Manga

  1. Make Light Line Drawings First. ...
  2. Use Guide/Construction Lines. ...
  3. Plan Out Your Drawing & Draw Larger to Smaller. ...
  4. Keep Different Parts of Your Drawing in the Same Stages of Completion. ...
  5. Draw Things That Are Hidden. ...
  6. Do Drawing Exercises. ...
  7. Study the Anime Style. ...
  8. Check for Mistakes.

Is Anime easy to draw?

At first, anime may seem like an easy drawing style, but it is not as easy as it looks; anime drawing is rather hard. Anime is hard to draw because it requires the artist to have proper knowledge about anatomy, perspective, value, and many other drawing fundamentals, which aren't easy to master.

Should I draw anime first?

No, it isn´t! Anime is a very specific Art style and art-teachers generally want to teach you the fundamentals of drawing first before you start to draw in a specific style. So as long as you learn the fundamentals, you can eventually draw in any style you want.

How do you make an anime girl face?

To draw a female face in anime or manga, start by drawing a circle for the forehead and a straight line from the top of the circle to where the chin will be . Next, sketch the chin and cheeks, making sure that the lines change direction but that the curves are subtle.