Photo: V. Alisov / RIA Novosti

Polish, Soviet and Russian theater and film actress Barbara Brylska said that, contrary to New Year's traditions, she would not watch Eldar Ryazanov's film The Irony of Fate. She explained her position in an interview with the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva.

According to Brylskaya, the Soviet and Russian viewers know her as an actress precisely because of the role of Nadia Sheveleva, but by the time she was invited to shoot the main New Year's tape in Russia, she was already an accomplished and well-known actress. She was even hurt by the position of Ryazanov, who offered her first photo tests, and not immediately the role itself. By that time, the star had already “starred in more daring films about love than a New Year's lyric comedy”. For this reason, the actress considered the possibility of abandoning the role.

However, according to her, she will not revise The Irony of Fate primarily because of her unwillingness “from the height of great life experience to notice her own acting mistakes”.

Earlier it was reported that the actress Barbara Brylska has serious health problems - a fracture of the spine and problems with the voice. The actress is now 80 years old. During her career, she starred in more than 70 films.