What you need to tell your child to grow up to be a happy person

In this article, we have selected the main phrases that you need to say to your child every day, because your child deserves it.

Wed Jun 23 2021


Restless babies: what is the reason and what to do

There are children like children: curious, funny and smart, but there are others. Tears in the morning, tears at lunch, tears for any reason. A little something wrong - whims and tantrums. It is impos...

Wed Aug 25 2021


10 main reasons for kissing

July 6 is World Kiss Day. Who do you think became the "progenitor" of such a romantic holiday? Passionate Spaniards or temperamental Italians? Maybe ...

Fri Jul 02 2021


Tyrant husband - what to do?

The innermost dream of the wife of a domestic tyrant is to remain an inconsolable widow. My, perhaps, the most primitive dream is to get married, and the most important thing is to be loved and certainly weak women ...

Fri Jul 02 2021


What is Tantra, or Tantric practice for purification

If you want to experience the power of tantra, follow this simple and beneficial practice. She will help you cleanse your inner space of negativity.

Fri Jul 02 2021


How to reveal your femininity, or Search for the balance of male and female energy

To understand what your energy balance is at the moment, we propose to conduct a simple meditation-diagnosis ...

Fri Jul 02 2021


One-year-old child with abnormally thick and long hair became famous on the net

One-year-old child with abnormally thick and long hair became famous on the net

Thu Jun 24 2021


How to help your child not be afraid of doctors: 7 tips for parents

Parents can create a positive image of doctors in the child and relieve him of his fears. How to do it?

Thu Jun 10 2021



Vitamin and mineral composition and nutritional value of zucchini. Useful and possible dangerous properties of the vegetable. Use in cosmetology, cooking and folk medicine.

Tue Dec 28 2021


Moon horoscope for Monday, March 29

Each week the moon passes through several zodiac signs, influencing our feelings, desires and events. In what cases will we succeed, and which of them is better to postpone for another day?

Wed Jun 09 2021


Exercise chair: how to do it right against the wall and without it

How to correctly perform the exercise chair against the wall. Features and description of the technique of movement. Variations for different levels of fitness. Challenge program for 30 days.

Sat Jul 24 2021