Milos Bikovich and Arina Voloshina

24-year-old Russian ballroom dancing champion Arina Voloshina and 33-year-old Serbian actor, star of the film "Kholop" Milos Bikovich met for about a year, but they did not advertise their romance. Yesterday, the girl spoke frankly about this relationship and why it ended. According to Voloshina, the reason for their separation was the egocentrism of her lover.

- she said on Instagram.

Milos Bikovich and Arina Voloshina

According to Voloshina, when rumors about their romance first appeared, she herself suggested that her lover "renounce" him, but Bikovich advised her to do otherwise.

- she shared.


Voloshin said that haters are attacking her, and she decided to talk about the affair with the actor, since nothing else connects them.

She said.


She had extremely unpleasant memories of her former lover and the affair with him.

- she concluded.

Milos Bikovich

It is interesting that Bikovich did not hide his previous relationship with model Sasha Luss and actress Aglaya Tarasova. His other novels were also not secret.

Milos Bikovich in the film "Serf"

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Bikovich's roof was blown off, the girl looks ... well, like an insta chica. Both are unpleasant, they also shake their cowards.


He's Mega nasty. I don’t understand how with such bags under his eyes and an always bored expression on his face, he is considered sexy.


vikikristinabarselona, ​​2nd Tsyganov


vikikristinabarselona, ​​but I don’t understand at all who makes them supposedly sex symbols and so on to the same place, because it’s scary, and this one with a broken nose from a kept woman is what a supposedly macho, horror

vikikristinabarselona, ​​by the way, in my interview with Sobchak, he did not seem mega-unpleasant, but then, seeing him, for some reason it began to seem to me that he was trying to be “good” in words, but in reality he might not be the most pleasant person in reality. Moreover, his image still differs from the image of such an entire religious aka Borka Korchevnikov

AlisaIvanovaIvanova, I did not master that Sobchak interview, but from what I looked, I got the impression that he pours a lot of water. Our shots have ripened everywhere, all so positive that you will do. Only this image does not really fit in with his real "I"

vikikristinabarselona, ​​but in my opinion there is a girl with a smell and so specific. not everything is as clear as she says or writes
The girl is arrogant and with self-conceit it can be seen from her even in the photo

I didn’t understand anything, what is her grievance and what’s wrong with him? Such general fashionable phrases, but specifics are zero

Blackdahlia, yes, you need Old as from Rybka, or as from Domogarov's mistress with anatomical details

Foxi2012, do not go to extremes, I mean that I threw phrases about anything, but think everything that he is a scoundrel

Blackdahlia, and I'm just for the details, because it's boring to read this, or you shouldn't start telling at all

Foxi2012, at Domagarov who just didn’t lie, including Marina Aleksandrova

Pupyryshek, there only one in detail told about the size and sex

The comment is hidden by the moderator

Foxi2012, where you can read ???

nify, google Aigul Milstein

Foxi2012, ATP!

purely my version - he did not love her and she was generally not needed by him. and according to her words, he is generally a narcissist,
and this will hurt any woman

Blackdahlia, I got it). He is an abuser, he doesn't give a damn about others, everything is to please himself and it is mentioned that he does not even protect the health of others. What else is there to say?

Blackdahlia, it's just a daffodil. Google it eventually. The narcissist is in love only with himself and is fixated only on himself, hence the word "egocentrism", which you consider to be a "fashionable phrase". In general, everything is written on his forehead ...

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