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1. Volcano! Buy a volcano ...

The Reykjanes Peninsula (Iceland) has recently become famous all over the world. There is a plot of land with an active volcano for sale. The location is Mount Fagradalsfjall. The area is owned by a 20-member landowner association.

It is reported by Forbes.

The head of the association, Sigurdur Gudjon Gislason, claims there are several buyers. The danger of buyers is not at all scared, on the contrary, they are ready to pay a decent amount of money. Due to such a great demand, the current owners are even ready to bargain in order to get the most money.

The Fagradalsfjadl volcano has been sleeping for the last 6 thousand years and woke up in March 2021. The eruption lasted for several weeks. Lava flowed out of the volcano's crack, moreover, earthquakes regularly occur on the site. Also, during the activity of the volcano, the air is polluted with ash and dangerous vapors with sulfur dioxide.

The local landscape is more like a desert than a picturesque place. It is simply impossible to build a house here. The volcano and seismic activity made the site uninhabitable.

The area has received the unspoken name of Iceland's “hottest spot”. The area attracts a lot of tourists. In a few weeks, 75 thousand visitors come here. It was the tourist demand that caused such a stir. Potential buyers want to arrange parking spaces for visitors here and create hiking trails.

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2. And now we sit down and learn not to steal ...

Spain launched a special rehabilitation program to help corrupt officials cope with the constant urge to steal and they could again become part of society, according to The New York Times. The project is an 11-month boot camp on the grounds of the prison.

“Now my only task is to help deal with the damage I have caused,” says 75-year-old Carlos Albuquerque, a former notary serving a four-year sentence for theft of € 400,000 in Cordoba. The man agreed to undergo 32 psychotherapy sessions with a team of graduates. As part of the program, inmates will attend a group therapy called "Personal Abilities" and "Values" with the same corrupt officials as they are.

The purpose of the pilot project is to test whether convicts of financial crimes can be reintegrated into society and encouraged to work honestly. In this way, the city authorities decided to respond to the increased level of corruption and large-scale coverage of the problem in local media.

Among the biggest scandals of recent years in Spain is the "Gürtel affair", the exposure of the treasurer of the ruling party, in whose notebook they found data on bribes for government contracts. Also resonant was the "Palau case": the president of the Palace of Catalan Music stole € 23 million from the institution, spending public funds on house renovations and luxury holidays. At the same time, the level of corruption in Spain is not higher than in other European countries - such cases make up no more than 5% of the total number of crimes.

State policy is distinguished by its approach to dealing with the problem. The Spanish government is confident that financial criminals should be given a second chance. The rehabilitation project was launched in March in nine prisons in the country. Participation in the program does not affect the actual term of imprisonment, but it can contribute to the parole of a corrupt official.

According to psychiatrist Sergio Ruiz, prisoners will be asked to admit their shortcomings in group therapy, as well as participate in “restorative justice” sessions where prisoners will ask forgiveness from their victims. Thus, criminals who had money and power want to be reminded of social responsibility. If the experiment is successful, other prisons in Spain will join the program in the future.

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3. The world's largest ... iceberg ...

From Antarctica in the western part of the Ronne Ice Shelf, a giant iceberg with a total area of ​​about 4,320 square kilometers broke away, according to the website of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The iceberg was named "A-76", its length is 170 kilometers, width - 25 kilometers. At the moment, the A-76 is in the Weddell Sea.

The ESA image compares the size of the iceberg to the largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca. The A-76 exceeds the area of ​​Mallorca, especially for its length.

In addition, in the Weddell Sea is the previous "record holder" - the iceberg A-32A, the area of ​​which at the time of breaking away from Antarctica was 3880 square kilometers.

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Since the ice shelf from which this iceberg was formed was already floating on water, this event will not directly affect sea level. However, ice shelves help slow the flow of glaciers and ice flows into the sea; Thus, indirectly, the loss of a portion of the ice shelf ultimately contributes to sea level rise, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). The NSIDC also reports that the continent of Antarctica, which heats up at a faster rate than the rest of the planet, contains enough frozen water to raise global sea levels by 60 meters. Scientists don't think anthropogenic climate change caused the spalling of the A-76 or its closest predecessor, the A-74.

"The A76 and A74 are only part of natural cycles on ice shelves that have not delayed anything serious for decades," Laura Gerrish, a researcher at the British Antarctic Survey, tweeted.

The satellites will continue to track the new iceberg, just as they did for the A-68A, the previous holder of the title of the world's largest iceberg. After separating from the Antarctic ice sheet in 2017, the A-68A was thrown by ocean currents in 2020 and came dangerously close to colliding with South Georgia Island, a breeding ground for seals and penguins. As Live Science previously reported, the roaming iceberg shattered into a dozen pieces before causing any harm.

The Ronne Ice Shelf, which spawned the recent iceberg, is largely sheltered from warm water influxes that disrupt the natural cycle of Antarctic calving and ice regrowth. But not all regions of West Antarctica are so lucky. In April, Live Science reported that the Thwaites Glacier, or "Doomsday Glacier", is melting faster than previously thought. This was due to the flow of warm water from the east, washing away at the vital "anchorage points" that anchor the shelf to land.

Iceberg A68a from the Airbus A400M aircraft (12/21/2020):

Just news

Just news

Adapted from: planetanovosti, birdinflight, gazeta, kontrakty


Krapivina's answer

Krapivina's answer

On the positive :)

On the positive :)

Penny Braburn, another woman in the life of Prince Philip

Penny Braburn, another woman in the life of Prince Philip

Gossip mystery.


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Thanks for the news))) the second was very funny! But the dimensions of these giant icebergs do not fit in my head - in reality, until you see, you will not believe ...

Leschudes, I wonder if there were any animals left on it? You will not understand that you are swimming somewhere on it until you reach the edge

Alina123, penguins remained on the glacier from the gif ... they haven't said this yet ...

Leschudes, the size is correct, at a meeting of WWF supporters I saw a whalebone - and it is as thick as my arm, and even with a "fringe" for filtering food, what can we say about icebergs

And you can send our officials and deputies to the rehabilitation program, although it is not a fact that it will help.

Buzzz, they will steal something there anyway, straight from the courses.

zucotuco, pens with notebooks?))

zucotuco, aha, to paraphrase the proverbs: there are no former thieves. Thief, only the grave will fix it.

Buzzz, you can, of course. The program should be called "Work in uranium mines and its impact on the rate of decay of the remnants of the conscience of the average Russian official."
My program will work, 100% guarantee

Buzzz, I would send them to this floating iceberg) there will be songs of the mammoth song. Lol

onlytruth, will sing *

onlytruth, best comment !!!

and better on the iceberg

Buzzz, I think they will pull all the rehabilitation therapists to the dark side and at the same time they will take everyone and everything)

Buzzz, better on the iceberg

Buzzz, Unfortunately, their officials are also known for their superiority, so rather they will arrange a club of interests there and will establish new connections ... we all understand that at 75 years old a person cannot change .. So ...

This is of course tough as the Arctic is melting quickly.

WaterLily1976, Antarctica) in the southern hemisphere and the Arctic in the north.

Ilona Mask to Spanish greedy people - will tell you how boring it is to serve houses and estates.

But Sigurdura, from Iceland, is it a man or a woman, I wonder ...? ... otherwise, judging by the end of the surname, some not very smart woman turns out in Russian)) it would probably be a shame

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