Prior to that, Oksana was in Italy, where she studies at the Pneuma Institute



Last year, Lavrentieva already visited Mexico with her teacher Elena, the director of Pneuma-russia and the most important one who created all this.


Where is Tsypkin looking?


Foreigners about our version of Winnie the Pooh

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    A sect, as everyone expected.
    Still, I insist that this is the result of youthful sexual trauma and its consequences (body trafficking)

    Anita0, and the chorus of militant hamsters in her comments - also apparently all tightly traumatized ...

    nechego_skazat, everyone has head injuries

    nechego_skazat, like attracts like

    Anita0, not a fact,
    By the way, she later admitted that there was no fact of violence itself, there were harassment, but in principle, not the essence.

    -Lite-, listen, those who have experienced this, in any case, are deeply traumatized. Moreover, most often they go into prostitution. There are a lot of things + hatred of your body, guilt and so on. It always needs to be treated. No options.

    Anita0, I don’t know. I had an attempt at violent harassment, almost rape, from my mother's lover at the age of 18. This did not leave any traumatic memories, rather I remember with a laugh, because I myself provoked out of stupidity) I remembered on the wave of mita and other harassment. She grew up like a normal person, definitely not a prostitute and there is no such garbage in the head as Ololo's

    minx, you have it. Few people recall such cases with a laugh.

    minx, firstly, she was much less, and secondly, the initiator, judging by the story, was a man, and thirdly, you may not yet know what the consequences are ...

    -Lite-, the feeling that she exaggerated it all somewhat against the background of the general trend. Well, some kind of drinking companion pinched his father drunk, mb.

    Anita0, she would like psychotherapy.

    fefefe, I immediately wrote that she needed psychiatric help and work very deeply, but she prefers to run away from reality.

    Anita0, who did she help? Marilyn Monroe? This is the first thing that came to mind.

    OlgaTimakova, if you are about the fact that Marilyn could not live with this and committed suicide, then this is most likely not the case. Apparently it was an accident, a medical error.

    Terborch, I mean how much time she spent with a psychoanalyst.

    OlgaTimakova, then psychotherapy was just beginning, then they did not yet know how to treat border guards, there was no experience and knowledge at that time (in the 50s)

    OlgaTimakova, since the time of Marilyn, psychotherapy has gone far ahead. Yes, and Marilyn, in principle, had no luck with people, her doctors rather wanted to leave in her name, and not help. She was bullied, not treated. But if you find a good specialist, then there is always an opportunity to improve your life.

    Anita0, such people probably lack critical thinking, willpower, or just laziness ... After all, working with a psychotherapist is difficult, but I don't want to walk there, mantras for you, yoga, trips, parties .. And sectarian manipulators are notable ...like a fly in a spider's web, but probably a person himself is inclined to choose the "path of healing" easier, so to speak, and to make it more fun ...

    Anita0, yes, something Ostap suffered, somehow I feel sorry for the person

    Anita0 is the result of youthful and subsequent ignorance.

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