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  • Appearance is the hallmark of every modern person. The fair sex is especially serious about this. Properly done makeup will allow you to shine in all its glory. However, for this you need to try, stock up not only with knowledge and skills, but also with all the necessary cosmetics. You should understand what every beauty needs for perfect makeup.


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    For a good, correct and beautiful face makeup, you should have everything you need. Pay special attention to proper lighting. Your make-up should not look like a mask. Naturalness is always in fashion. It is necessary to provide artificial lighting for these purposes, while the light should not be bright. It is with the right lighting that you can achieve the perfect result.

    To create a high-quality make-up, you will need a large mirror. It must be clean and not distort the reflection. It is worth removing the hair back so that it does not interfere with your manipulations. You can do this with a headband or plain white ribbon.


    Many women already know what cosmetics should be used to create high-quality, stylish and effective makeup. However, those ladies who are still learning the basics of the science of beauty may not fully understand the full significance of the situation. Many people think that they can create a good make-up with just a few cosmetics. However, it is not.

    Here are the products that should be in every beauty bag:

    • Base . This is a very important, main stage of creating a make-up. It is worth noting that the base for makeup, foundation, primer are one and the same. These substances are designed to prepare your dermis for make-up, they make it more resistant. Of course, for daily makeup, you can do without this stage, but for a party, wedding or other special occasion, you should not neglect this tool.

    Usually, the makeup base incorporates a variety of useful components, but the use of a moisturizer should not be ruled out. There are bases for the face, eyelids, eyelashes, lips. You will make the tone of the dermis more even, you can smooth out wrinkles, make the skin matte, narrow pores.

    You need to apply such a cosmetic product with your fingers. After applying, be sure to wait for the base to dry. If this is not done, the cosmetic product will mix with the foundation and roll up.

    With the help of an eyeshadow base, you will keep your shadows for the whole day. At the same time, such products have a matting effect.

    The base for eyelashes helps to give the hairs length and volume. You can apply mascara evenly. It is easy to find an analogue for mascara - a special firming gel. Apply such a tool should be carefully, evenly distributing it.

    For lips, a base is also necessary. It will help to make their surface more even, eliminate minor cracks. Lipstick will lie more evenly, it will become more resistant. The composition of such funds includes nutrients and active elements. They will help protect the skin from the sun and rejuvenate it. Make-up should be applied easily and accurately using a brush.

    • Tone cream. This is another necessary element for a perfect make-up. It will help protect your dermis from the negative effects of the external environment, make the skin even, and also help hide imperfections and defects in the skin. Be sure to choose the right product - according to your skin type.

    To choose the right shade of a cosmetic product, you should first apply a little product on your wrist. Do this only in good daylight. The tool should be imperceptible on your skin, it completely repeats its tone. If you have redness, you can apply a yellow-based foundation.

    Another tip that experienced cosmetologists give is to use different shades of foundation (depending on the time of year). Keep cosmetics in the refrigerator or in the nightstand, away from sunlight.

    • Concealer. This tool will become your indispensable assistant for every day. With it, you can hide various dermal defects, dark circles under the eyes, pimples and redness. The tool will help fight the first signs of aging.
    • Powder. With the help of powder, you can mask various defects in the dermis, as well as eliminate oily sheen. This product helps set makeup. You can purchase different types of product. It can be granulated, pressed, loose powder.

    If you use such products at home, then it is better to use crumbly options. You need to take a wide brush and apply the powder with leisurely movements. The pressed version will be an excellent assistant on the road. Such powder can be taken with you on a trip, to work, it can easily fit even in a small purse or pocket. This tool is easy to use.

    • Blush. Blush will help to give the face a fresh, healthy and radiant look. Their types are similar to powder. Substances are applied with a special extended kabuki brush. The main rule when applying this tool - you should use it in moderation. If you go too far with blush, then the makeup will look very ridiculous.
    • Pencil . You should choose cosmetics of medium hardness. It is with a pencil that you will draw a distinct line, while the dermis will not be damaged. You can replace the eyeliner with liquid eyeliner. Remember that you will need more experience and skill to cope with it.

    There are also eyebrow pencils. They will help to draw an expressive bending line. So you can make your look even more charming. For lips, you can also use a pencil. It should be bold - and at the same time firm. So you can highlight the lips quickly and easily.

    • Shadows. This is another important element of a cosmetic bag. You should choose a cosmetic product that suits you in terms of shade, as well as other parameters. Apply eyeshadow with a hard bristled brush.
    • Ink. Not a single stylish make-up can do without this tool. You can create an expressive look, make eyelashes thicker, longer, voluminous. Modern manufacturers produce a variety of options for such a tool. You can easily find exactly what you need. Choose a product based on your purpose. For some it will be long eyelashes, for someone - thick.
    • Lipstick/shine. An obligatory moment in any make-up is the use of lipstick and gloss. It is worth noting that a quality product should last quite a long time. You should not buy too cheap options, they may not be very resistant and of poor quality. You can also apply lip gloss.


    As for accessories, they also play an important role. To apply cosmetic products, you will need a variety of brushes. Let them be of high quality, and their pile should be natural. It is worth noting that for each cosmetic product it is worth taking a separate brush.

    The application of cosmetics will depend on their purpose. For example, if you need to apply foundation, you can do it with your fingers. However, remember that your hands must be clean. If you want to apply foundation on the dermis, then a special sponge is suitable for this, as well as a brush, fingers, applicators.

    If you prefer to use a brush, then you should stock up on short, flat and wide options. It is with the help of this item that you can evenly distribute the cosmetic product over the surface. If you want to use a corrector, you can choose a small brush.

    As for loose powder, it is better to distribute it with a powder puff or a brush, which looks like a shaving brush. But a flat brush is perfect for spreading blush.

    Other brushes will come in handy for the eyes. To shade the shadows well, you should use a square brush, the villi of which are dense and short. A product with a beveled end is suitable for highlighting the contour of the eyelids. The brush-drop brush applies shadows well.

    For eyebrows, you should also use a special brush. Often it is replaced with a comb. You can give the hairs the desired direction. The final stage of high-quality makeup will be the application of lipstick or gloss. This can also be done with a special brush. The main thing is that its tip is pointed. So you can distribute lipstick or gloss evenly, and the cosmetic product itself will last much longer.

    It is worth noting that brushes require close attention and special care. Wash them thoroughly with water once a month. Usually, baby shampoo can be used for this purpose. Then you will need to dry the product well.

    When creating the perfect make-up, you need cotton swabs, cotton pads, make-up remover. They will help you easily correct possible errors.

    What is called?

    So, you already know the main names of those tools that will be needed to create a stylish and high-quality make-up. It is worth noting a few more products. This is, for example, a concealer or a highlighter. This tool is designed to mask the imperfections of the dermis. You can hide pimples, redness, pigmentation, give your face freshness. Highlighter will help to make the right areas shining.

    There is also a liner. This tool is released for lips or eyelids. With the help of such a product, you can emphasize the contour - for example, the eye. The line will be clear and even. The shimmer will help to place all the accents in the make-up. It is usually applied to the cheekbones. It gives relief.

    What makeup is needed?

    If you are going to create a lasting and stylish make-up, you should think about how it should be. You need to figure out what tools are best to use. Usually all basic cosmetics for any make-up are suitable. Choose a color scheme and stylistic focus, focusing on where you are going. Experts distinguish several types of makeup:

    • Sports . This type of make-up is characterized by naturalness, lightness, simplicity. It is ideal for an active lifestyle.
    • Romantic. This style involves the use of tones that are slightly washed out. So you can create a delicate and fragile image that will attract the attention of the opposite sex.
    • Avant-garde. This option is suitable for bold individuals. This make-up is a contrast of shades, their brightness and saturation.
    • Classic. This look is preferred by many women. It is the most versatile and practical. Here the colors of one shade smoothly pass into another. Such a make-up will be appropriate in any situation.

    When you choose your individual style, you should focus on the features of your appearance, age. It is recommended to proceed from the situation. Young ladies should not apply too bright lipstick. It is better to prefer natural. But older women can afford bright colors.

    What is needed at home?

    When creating a unique make-up at home, accuracy and caution are necessary. You should have a variety of tools and devices in your arsenal to create the perfect appearance.

    • It should be remembered: thanks to the tonal base, makeup will last longer. Apply all funds only to the cleansed dermis. Do not forget to pre-moisturize the skin with a special cream.
    • Be sure to carry out all work only in good lighting. The ideal option is a large mirror. This way you will be able to see your face better. You shouldn't rush. It is better to perform a make-up, following the tips and instructions. Don't skip the initial steps. It is recommended to mask all the irregularities of the dermis, then the face will look healthy and radiant.
    • Be sure to stock up on makeup remover. It will help you hide all the bumps. The rest of the funds will go much smoother and better.

    Step by step instructions for perfect makeup

    It only seems so that it is impossible to make a perfect make-up without the help of a specialist. You can easily apply the right products quickly and efficiently. To do this, you only need a little patience, practice, as well as high-quality accessories and cosmetics. For a modern stylish look, all the details should be worked out. It is worth figuring out how to make up correctly:

    • First, prepare the dermis. Be sure to clean it of other cosmetics and dirt. This is usually done with special tools.
    • Now it's time to combine foundation and makeup base. Carry out the process on the back of your hand. Apply cosmetic product to the dermis of the face. Everything needs to be done in a thin layer. If there is excess, then the face will look like a mask. If you notice that the selected foundation does not match the natural color of your dermis, you need to apply a cosmetic product on the neck and décolleté. It is worth noting that professional makeup artists do this in all cases.
    • Now take a thin brush and cover the eyelids with concealer. Do this under the eyes as well as on top. Now set everything with powder.
    • Then take an eyebrow pencil and highlight the hairs with light strokes.
    • To make the look more inviting, highlight the inner corners of the eyes, as well as the place under the eyebrows, using light powder for this. It is her matte texture that will look more natural when compared with shadows.
    • Use a medium range of powder - apply it to the moving eyelids. Bronzer emphasize the eyes on the crease of the eyelid. Gently blend the cosmetic product. Add darker shadows to the outer corner of the eye - focusing on the color type, preferences and desires.
    • Take an eyeliner and carefully outline the upper eyelid. It should be applied in short strokes. If the first time it didn’t work out, the line came out crooked, then just correct the errors with dark shadows and blend the eyeliner.
    • Now you can apply mascara. It's worth doing it all the way. Move to the roots, take your time. Let each layer dry a little. Then you can move on to another.
    • Highlight the oval of the face with a bronzer. Apply this remedy to the temples, under the cheekbones and the corners of the jaw.
    • Set the accents with blush. Highlight the forehead, cheeks, chin, and apply peach blush on the cheekbones.
    • final the moment will be the coloring of the lips. This can be done with a body pencil. Outline your lips. From above it is necessary to apply gloss (with a brush) or use lipstick.

    Consider all the makeup tips - and very soon you will be able to achieve significant success. Be confident in your abilities and don't be afraid to experiment.

    Now you know what is suitable for a quality make-up. You should also stock up on patience, because the first time you will not be able to achieve the perfect result. At the same time, with regular training, you will still be able to quickly and efficiently create your own unique image. Be sure to follow the means, they must be of high quality.

    Things to know (Q&A)

    What do you need beginner makeup?

    What Every Beginner Needs in Their Makeup Kit

    1. Primer. ...
    2. Concealer & Foundation. ...
    3. Mascara & Eyeliner. ...
    4. Eyebrow Pencil. ...
    5. Red & Nude Lipstick. ...
    6. Brushes & Sponge. ...
    7. Blush & Highlighter. ...
    8. Eyeshadow Palette.

    What do you need to do your makeup?

    Below, we list down the absolute makeup must-haves for beginners.

    1. Primer. Primers tend to go overlooked, especially by makeup newbies, but it's definitely one that your makeup kit should never be without. ...
    2. Foundation. ...
    3. Concealer. ...
    4. Bronzer. ...
    5. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. ...
    6. Eyeliner. ...
    7. Mascara. ...
    8. Brow Powder.