According to statistics, the smile of 30% of the people of the globe is accompanied by charming dimples appearing at the corners of the mouth. Lovely dimples are so attractive that many people want to get this cute appearance detail by any means.

Is it possible to acquire dimples on the cheeks bypassing natural predestination, and how to do it? Modern cosmetology gives an affirmative answer, and offers various means to achieve the desired effect.

What are dimples on the cheeks

Clearly, the hollows on the cheeks appear only when a person smiles. On a relaxed face, without facial expressions, they are practically invisible. The appearance of dimples when smiling is explained by the peculiarity of the anatomy of the large zygomatic muscles, in simplicity called the "muscles of laughter." A spectacular feature of appearance, in fact, is a flaw in the structure of the facial muscle.

The fibers of the bifurcated muscle bundle are separated, shifted to the side and attached to the inner skin segment of the cheek. When smiling, the muscle tissue contracts, the soldered area is drawn inward, resulting in depressions on the cheeks.


The special structure does not affect the functionality of the facial muscles in any way, it only gives the appearance a pleasant prettiness. An anomaly of this kind is dominant and is transmitted genetically. Dimples can be located on one cheek or on both.

They differ in appearance:

  • deep dimples;
  • barely visible depressions;
  • with symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangement;
  • rounded recesses;
  • vertically elongated grooves. The size of the dimples depends on the individual characteristics of the appearance.

Reasons for the popularity of dimples

In the ironic statement of the Canadian writer Stephen Butler Leacock about the fact that a man who falls in love with dimples mistakenly marries the whole lady, a certain amount of truth is hidden. Giving your heart to a beauty with an incomparable smile is not difficult.

The hollows on the cheeks are associated with femininity, kindness, a cheerful disposition and a slightly childish, touching way that evokes sympathy and trust.

Society has a positive attitude towards the owners of a pretty smile. Dimples are considered to be a "sign of happiness", sometimes they are called the "kiss of an angel." There was an opinion that the owners of lucky marks are lucky. Men often choose girls with "marks of happiness" on their faces as their life partners, hoping to get a share of luck and success with them.

In some representatives of Asian peoples, the presence of dimples indicates an increased sexuality of a person. In addition, the owners of dimples on the face look younger than their years. Perhaps this is precisely the attraction of a special cosmetic detail for many ladies.

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Is it possible to make dimples on the cheeks

How to make dimples on the cheeks or create a visual illusion of their presence, experts in the field of cosmetology suggest. Flirty notches can be obtained in 2 ways - on your own, home remedies, or surgically.

The list of main methods for achieving the goal includes:

  • decorative cosmetics;


  • a set of special exercises;
  • cheek piercing;
  • Botox injections;
  • an operation called dimplectomy.

Independent manipulations do not lead to instant results. The desired effect is achieved through systematic training of facial muscles. In the period when the dimples have not yet formed, and the desire to have them is great, professionals recommend using decorative cosmetics. Master the technique of shading and skillfully use tonal means under the power of any girl.

You can get advice on how to properly decorate your face in this case from a professional beautician. And then, following the recommendations, apply makeup yourself. Radical technique - piercing. The hollow is formed when smiling due to the puncture and fixation of the earring in it. The negative side of this technique is that a scar remains from the puncture.

A small mark will always be present, even on a relaxed face, without facial expressions. Plastic surgery is classified as an irreversible procedure. It will never be possible to completely get rid of the depressions newly acquired during the surgical intervention.


Special gymnastics for the formation of the desired cavities has a beneficial effect on the appearance as a whole, improving the contour of the face and smoothing fine wrinkles.

The complex includes:

  • cheek muscle training;
  • gymnastics for small zygomatic muscles;
  • gymnastics for large zygomatic muscles;
  • exercises for the appearance of dimples.

If the muscles of the cheeks lose their tone and sag, then the lower contour of the face does not change for the better. Dimples will not decorate a swollen face, so cheek training is a mandatory component of the overall complex.

Muscles are trained as follows:

  • Open your mouth, lower the lower jaw, fold your mouth in the form of the number "0". Put a clean index finger on the bottom row of teeth. The lower jaw should always remain in a lowered position. Squeezing the muscles of the cheeks, try to move your finger to the center of the mouth. Repeat several times. During the first execution, there is a desire to push the finger with the lips, but the algorithm of actions must be correct: first, the muscles contract, the cheeks seem to be pulled inward and move the finger, and only then, by inertia, the lips come into action.

The small zygomatic muscles, located on the line from the eyes to the corners of the mouth, are trained according to the following algorithm:

  • Bring the mouth to the position of the number "0" similar to the first exercise. Place the index fingers in the oral cavity upwards at an acute angle of 45 °. Try with the upper lip, without straining the lower jaw, to move the fingers inward. Repeat the attempt several times, working only the muscles of the upper lip.

The large zygomatic muscles, which run from the temporal zone to the mouth area, support the facial frame. Keeping them in good shape ensures a clear drawing of the cheekbones.

Gymnastics for large zygomatic muscles is simple:

  • Bring your mouth to the familiar “0” position, tighten the muscles under the eyes (try to move the area under the eyes up, bring it closer to the eyes). Relax your face. Repeat. These muscles are rarely involved in facial expressions and may not respond at the first workout. Over time, you manage to feel them, and the exercise gives an effect.

How to make dimples on the cheeks will tell a table with a special training complex. Gymnastics is recommended to be performed until the desired result is achieved twice a day, without gaps. The effectiveness of training will increase if you gradually increase the number of repetitions in each exercise.

exercise number Description Recommendations
one Press down the places chosen for the formation of depressions with your fingers. Smile as wide as possible without pursing your lips. Repeat the exercise 50 times.
2 Starting position with fingers on the cheeks, as in the 1st variant. Smile alternately, first with one corner of closed lips, then with the other. Repeat at least 50 times for each cheek.
3 Retract your cheeks as much as possible, biting them lightly from the inside with your teeth. smile. Repeat 10 times.
4 Pressing the upper lip tightly to the teeth, smile, slowly lifting the corners of the lips up. Then smile, lifting the corners of your lips at an accelerated pace. 15 times fast, 15 times slow.
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Cosmetic tricks

How to get a “mark of happiness” without exhausting yourself with training and without resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon? Decorative cosmetics is a quick and gentle way to achieve the goal. With the help of makeup, it is easy to make artificial dimples or highlight small depressions on the cheeks given by nature.

Makeup instructions:

  • smile and determine the place of drawing cosmetic dimples;
  • draw a small comma with a thin tail 1-1.5 cm down. An elegant design is applied with eye shadow or eyeliner with a matte effect. Glossy and shiny products are best avoided in this case in order to get a more natural result;
  • use cosmetics of a natural light brown and beige shade. If the purpose of the cosmetic effect is to make an original photograph, then darker tones will do;
  • mask the drawing with shadows. Shading is done in a circular motion with a small brush along the path of a comma;
  • use a large brush to lighten the edges;
  • powder your face, smile and check if the desired result is achieved.

Technique using cosmetic pencil and brush:

  • determine the location of future dimples;
  • put volume dots symmetrically on each cheek with a brown pencil;
  • at a distance of no more than 2 cm from the points, draw arcs above and below;
  • relaxing the muscles of the face, shading the pattern with a brush.

Reception "contouring":

  • with a bronzer with a dark dye, put dots on the intended location of the dimples;
  • cover the area around the points with a highlighter;
  • to highlight existing dimples, only a highlighter is used. With the help of a tool for highlighting individual areas of the face, an area near the natural depressions is highlighted, thereby creating a beautiful relief pattern.

Powder helps to emphasize natural depressions. The choice of the color of the cosmetic loose product depends on the skin tone. The powder should be 1-2 tones darker than the natural shade. The powder is applied with a brush to the borders of the dimples, carefully shaded and covered with foundation on top.

Surgical operations

Surgical intervention, as a result of which dimples can be created on the cheeks, has 2 varieties.


How to make dimples on the cheeks quickly and for a long time, a plastic surgeon will tell you. Cosmetics give only a one-day effect, the result of the exercises is stretched over time. And only through surgical intervention, the image changes instantly, radically and forever.

The operation to create cosmetic depressions on the face, widely practiced abroad, is also carried out in some Russian clinics. The cost varies depending on the level of the clinic and a set of additional services from 30 to 60 thousand rubles. Plastic surgery is not very complicated, and takes about an hour.

After the procedure, the patient is usually discharged home immediately. During the operation under local anesthesia, the doctor makes an incision on the inside of the cheek at the location of the future dimple and removes adipose tissue. Then, with the help of suture material, the surgeon tightens and fixes the muscle in a certain position, thereby forming an artificial depression from the outside.

The stage of rehabilitation after surgery lasts about a month, accompanied by the use of antibiotics, painkillers and compliance with all medical prescriptions.

Doctors recommend during the recovery period:

  • eat only soft, ground food;
  • after a meal, rinse the mouth with an antibacterial agent;
  • gently brush your teeth without touching the injured area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe cheek.

The healing time depends on the individual's ability to recover. Control medical examinations are carried out in a week, after 30 days and at the end of 3 months.

Complications of a general nature (bleeding, internal scarring) occur extremely rarely, since the amount of tissue injury during the operation is small.

Sometimes flaws appear in the form of:

  • asymmetry of the location of the depressions;
  • dimples of different depths;
  • not a natural type of recesses;
  • turning artificial dimples into deep, unnatural wrinkles on the still ageless skin of the face.

In order to avoid specific complications, it is recommended to resort to the services of highly qualified specialists.


Professionals consider the correction of the lower part of the face with injections of botulinum toxin a risky procedure.

Only an experienced doctor can accurately determine the required amount of the drug, choose the correct injection points, taking into account the thickness, age-related characteristics of the skin, changes in tissue structure as a result of previous cosmetic procedures.

Botulinum therapy gives a quick visible effect and, despite the high cost and potential risk, is popular. An injection drug with a viscous and plastic structure - a filler - is injected into the muscle tissue of the face and forms convex formations on the cheekbones. These formations tighten the contour of the face and lift the cheeks.

As a result of manipulations to change the relief of the cheekbones, the skin in the lower part of the face goes inward, forming depressions. The procedure is painless, but to ensure maximum patient comfort, an anesthetic is applied to the skin.

Dimples on the face are clearly visible after injections until the injected filler enters into a metabolic reaction and is not absorbed. The duration of action is approximately 6 months, after which the procedure is repeated. To avoid an overabundance of toxic substances in the body, the number of repetitions should not exceed 4 times a year.

The drug is still the subject of controversy. According to doctors, toxin injections should be resorted to only in exceptional cases. The disadvantage of this method of acquiring cute dimples is the need to regularly perform a risky procedure and constant cash investments for its implementation.


Face modification with a puncture and jewelry inserted into it is a rather extravagant method of acquiring an attractive depression.

Earring in the cheek does not look like a natural indentation, but it really changes the face.

And if you remove the decoration, the pierced muscle of the cheekbones keeps a mark that looks like a natural cavity.

Experienced piercers know how to make dimples on the cheeks.

Usually resort to one of two methods:

  • the traditional option - a puncture with a special needle;
  • subcutaneous implantation. A small puncture is made under the skin, a barbell is passed through it. An ornament of your choice is wound on it: a ball, a spike or an earring of a different configuration.

Face piercing is a serious step.

It is important to take into account the following aspects:

  • the procedure must be carried out by an experienced master who has a license for this kind of activity. An attempt to perform a puncture on your own can lead to negative consequences (infection, damage to the skin or facial nerve);
  • before the procedure, you should visit a neurologist and enlist his recommendations, since any puncture on the face is potentially dangerous. It is important to choose the right puncture site so as not to damage the facial nerve and cause muscle atrophy. Upon completion of cosmetic manipulations, visit the doctor again;
  • an important circumstance is the sterile conditions for the procedure;
  • immediately after the puncture, the wound must be treated with an antiseptic and an earring made of precious metal - silver, gold, platinum - should be inserted;
  • rinse the wound before healing with special solutions according to a doctor's prescription. Do not allow hot water to enter it. Refuse to visit the solarium and the pool. Wear jewelry until the wound heals, at least 2-3 months.

On average, the price of the procedure is 1 thousand rubles. for 1 punch. The costs include the cost of jewelry, medical consultations and medicines used during the recovery period. Dimples on the cheeks are a gift from nature.

For those who do not have such a gift, but who dream of an "angel's kiss", modern cosmetology and medicine provide many opportunities. It remains only to choose how to make yourself the desired "sign of happiness" in the most optimal way.

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